Excerpt: "WBZ-TV in Boston reported Wednesday that, according to a law enforcement source,Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez "has not been ruled out as a suspect" in a homicide case near his home. Hernandez is connected to the case through a vehicle rented in his name that is reportedly a key piece of evidence, according to An ABC News report said Hernandez was initially uncooperative with police.

Let's get this out of the way first: When you hear things like "uncooperative" and "not been ruled out as a suspect" being used by the media, please, please, please take a breath, grab your salt shaker and think rationally.

That's not to question the reports. It's simply to point out that the phrase "uncooperative" when describing someone mentioned in a homicide investigation can mean many things. To wit: uncooperative could mean Hernandez hired a lawyer. It could mean he didn't let police search his home without a warrant. It could mean he's stonewalling them. It could mean lots of things.
So could "not been ruled out as a suspect" -- that phrase sounds like "considered a suspect" to many people. But it simply means Hernandez, because of his proximity to the victim and his name on a rental car cannot be considered not a suspect at this time." Read more...