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    For me, serviceable is a low bar meant for non starters, good locker room influence, reserved for guys who stay healthy, keep their noses clean and who can help out in a number of areas. For me, Bear meets that threshold however if we find someone better, he is expendable. We might be splitting hairs here but serviceable and expendable are about an eighth inch apart for me.
    to me, the definition of a "serviceable" guy is a guy who may not be great or even good, but gets the job done.

    I do not see how anyone can say the Bear gets the job done, especially as a TE. For example would you consider Beckum, released last year to be a "serviceable" player? Because his stats were better than Pascoe's. It used to be people would argue" but bear is a blocking TE" however, that simply isn't the case. In fact, he is a far better lead blocker than he ever was at end line blocking, and he is marginal at that. We didn't even use him as a end line blocker last year, instead often choosing to bring in tackles to play the extra TE in goaline situations.

    I am merely pointing out that I do believe he is 1 of the guys who is battling for a spot this year and isn't a given as Egyptian implied above.

    Again, there have been a very large number of somewhat abnormal circumstances that allowed him to stay with the team in recent years. His biggest asset is that he can be a backup FB, which is his only hope this year imho. Again, I can look down the roster of last year and find maybe 1 player who contributed less than Pascoe. It seems pretty simple logic to try to improve our roster from top to bottom you 1st start by trying to get players in who contribute more.
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