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Oh he was crying. I stand by that. I expect a guy that has been coaching in the NFL since 1984 to handle things in house. And not go on about how it was a total shock to him, and he thought he was going to be here- whah whah whah. His comments weren't that inflammatory, but it's a bit of the TC that the players got tired of when Stray was on the team, and they told him so. Besides he of all people knows how the media and fans takes the smallest things and runs with it.

TC has forgotten about this as soon as Nicks showed up. The apology was icing on the cake and shows the nature of Nicks. In Nicks, I see a player that has had trouble staying healthy and in his contract year has decided to take some control of his time on the field by skipping voluntary OTA's to ensure nothing goes wrong before the season.