myers will be a solid checkdown option similar to witten for dallas. i expect we'll try and target him downfield some too, but iirc and I'm fairly certain because it was such a strong statistic, of the 80something receptions he had for Oakland last yr, none were of the kind where the ball traveled 20 yds or more. He was pretty much strictly an underneath/intermediate type TE. ALmost exactly like Witten. Which is why I'm thinking we signed him.

Now, I really wouldnt write home about Bear Pascoe, but he has come through in some big spots. made a nice TD grab vs SF in the NFC CG, made some nice catches in the SB when called upon after the injury devastated our TE position. So, we really could do much worse at the 2 TE spot, but I dont even think he makes it there on the depth bc he will be primarily a FB for a while.

WHich leads me to A.Robinson. If he's the "JPP of TE's" as JR dubbed (and he's been pretty spectacular in his player assessments) we gotta see something from him this yr. Dont know how u could keep a guy with that kinda upside to be termed that by the GM, off the field? He's as athletic as a WR, and from what I understand, has made some significant strides in blocking. I expect he'll start the season out as our #2 TE and that'd speak to his talent bc he is still young/raw. And I expect we'll have some plays where he displays that athleticism and blocking ability.

Outlook is pretty awesome IF, big if, IF JR's assessment of A.Robinson is close.