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http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap100...njured-players Doesn't sound promising. Still has a 'discernible limp. TCHOF could be very wrong... Tebow could get a sniff. Brady missing Welker and his usual TE's means someone else gets a chance. Someone will step up, and I hope Ballard gets well enuf to be effective come September and Puts up some solid numbers. Honestly, I'm not a Brady fan, but I recognize how good he is, and that he could make Ballard relevant. Jakes a tough, solid guy. Had good hands when Eli threw it to him... and surely Belichick remembered the great game he had to help us beat them at their park.
The idea that Tebow, who has never ever played the position of TE, could just step in and play that position for the first time at the NFL level, is just silly.