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Thread: Warren Sapp takes shot at Michael Strahan.

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    Being that about 7-8 guys get 10+ sacks rushing on the left side, and only about 2-3 guys get 10+ sacks rushing from the other end each year, completely negates what Sapp is saying about strahan. Being on the strong side makes you much easier to double team and stra consistently beat those while getting to the QB.

    Complete nonsense.
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    He's probably bitter (like most NFL non-Giant fans and players) that Favre handed Strahan his sack record

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    poo poo Sapp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Providence View Post
    I saw this too. Guy's a clown. He's proud of the accomplishments of his teammate (Rice) and that's fine. But he's praising him by tearing down someone else (Strahan) and that's not cool in my book. If you're going to praise Rice and say he deserves to be in the hall then do it, don't say he's better than another guy who's being considered.

    Also, didn't Sapp go up against Detroit and Chicago twice per year, two teams that weren't making much noise during the years he played.......
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    He made a ****** comment the day he got in and said he was glad that Strahan didn't get it cuz he didn't deserve it (something along those lines)

    **** sapp

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    Of course he would. Him and Rice were teammates. Do you really think he wouldnt say that?

    Nothing to see here.

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    Sapp has some strange obsession with Strahan. It's pretty creepy. This is like the 3rd time he's pulled his name out of no where this year in order to bash him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Tuck Rule View Post
    Of course he would. Him and Rice were teammates. Do you really think he wouldnt say that?

    Nothing to see here.
    He didn't have to bring Strahan into it. What was the point??

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    Exactly. He can praise Rice all day, I don't blame him (and it's probably well deserved praise at that), but why rip on Stray in order to do it? My guess is that he has an axe to grind with Stray. It's immature.
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