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    Sapp is about 300 lbs, and his ego is 200 lbs of that. In Sapp mind, he is the greatest defensive lineman ever. And he will hate or discredit anyone he feels is a threat to his ego. Yes. . . . .he was a great player but he wasn't that great that he can hate on everyone else.

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    It was hardly about Simeon Rice as much as it was Sapp using it as an avenue to downtalk Strahan, especially when he goes out of his way with numerous fallacies. Strahan was LE by his third year, a position I don't think he'd downtalk the same with Deacon Jones or Reggie White. Regarding competition, it's not like New Orleans, Atlanta or Carolina were powerhouses against Tampa in their division. It's so sad that it's hilarious.

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    Sapp wants some attention...your messing with the wrong guy again Crapp (Shockey snitching--not!!)--I meant sapp.

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    Using Sapp's logic then Reggie White, prolly the best defensive end of all time doesn't belong in the hall either because he played the same side as Strahan(mostly.)

    The fact is Strahan won't just get in for his passrushing either. He was 1 of the best run defending DE's of all time. I would be interested to see what Sapp would have to say about Simeon Rice's run stopping ability because it was horrendous. In fact, he may have been the worst run stopping DE in the league. He ran himself out of the play more often then not.

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    I'm sorry my mind won't let me get worked up about ANYTHING Sapp has to say or said.

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    F warren sapp with a red hot poker, for real.

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    Sapp is just pissed that Strahans after football television career is better than his.

    he needs to stfu and pay his bills.

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    I'm just glad Sapp's shot at Michael was figurative, and not literal like A Hernandez' shot in Fla. OHHH! Yes, I went there, so what?

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    Does he think Reggie White sucked too?

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