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    Re: Eli this is the year!

    [quote user="caligiant74"]I dont care if your 8 or 80 a bad comment is a bad comment ,plus what 12 year old is suppose to be up at 2 in the morning[/quote]

    What are you, the department of child services? If he is up at 2:00 AM then there is a possibilityh he may not have the best of parents. Or maybe he can't sleep. So now you are picking on a kid who doesn't have the best of parents or has a sleeping problem? Way to go.

    If a 12 yeard old kid with a Giants jersey on came up to any of the people on the board and said, "Eli is better than Brady" everyone would probably smile and laugh at how much of a Giants supporter that kid is. But because everyone acts like a tough guy when they are behind a computer they rip the kid, truly unbelievable.

    I bELIeve in February 4, 2018.

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    Re: Eli this is the year!

    thats funny

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