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Thread: Redskins' Indian-Chief Defender: Not A Chief, Probably Not Indian

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBomb View Post
    I don't really have much of a problem with the name...I have a little Cherokee in my blood..but I am also mostly Irish and have NEVER been offended by the stereo-types that us Mick's get lableled with.......mostly I just embrace it and go along with the party,

    That being said....it's really a stupid thing to try and hold onto a name that people are offended by. And completely insane to pull a stunt like this. It isn't going to hurt to change the name and you would see a HUGE jump in merch sales if it did.......minus the stubborn old timers who would continue to use the old name (I still call it Giants Stadium).

    Dan Snyder is a buffoon and he just sealed the fate. The name will be changed.
    I referred to the Raiders as Oakland their entire stay in LA, and still sometimes refer to the Rams as LA. So I guess I'm as stubborn as Jerry and Dan!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Providence View Post
    The lack of cultural competence in this world is alarming. The term "Redskins" is absolutely an offensive team name. It's disgusting that it was picked as a team name 81 years ago. The fact that it remains unchanged is absolutely despicable.

    All the more reason to hate that team and their fan base....
    I agree. But they can keep their name "Redskin," IMO, if they change their logo to a redskin potato.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJC7301 View Post
    I agree. But they can keep their name "Redskin," IMO, if they change their logo to a redskin potato.

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