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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Kind of tough to say they didn't get a good value when they won the ultimate prize last year with those guys. Lots of FA's go on to have great careers and stats for their new team and never get a ring.
    A ring doesn't mean you played to the level of your pay it means you were part of a winning team. They put it together at the end, but the contract they signed isn't for playoff games. It's for regular season performance, and in that respect all 3 severely underperformed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    good read.....thanks Ro.
    It woudl be great to see him at his natural position where he can just "play" instead of think so to speak.
    The better part of that scenario is that if he can just play saftey then the Giants have three healthy and capable CBs available all the time. Havent had that in a while...
    theres truth to that. during that epic 6 game run on the way to the SB, Rolle along with maybe every player even of the secondary were talking about how they could finally JUST PLAY. IIRC, it even started with that GB loss where Rolle had an INT and Tuck displayed some moments of actually being tuck.

    the reason i say this, because something would have to be happening where he cant "just play" when he's actually had FS responsibilities. Some of his downfield coverage and angles have been just so terrible that at times I wondered how a pro player could take such a horrible angle. If he's this Pro Bowl/All Pro FS, he had opportunities to display said game ability and didnt deliver imho. maybe this yr, since he wont be mixing roles/responsibilities, he can "just play"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    He is a tough player, very good player who puts team ahead of self. I'm not sure he's quite worth what we are paying in today's NFL but there is a reason why we paid him so handsomely at the start of his contract.
    He is very good. Do you remember cc brown. Rolle can come to the line of scrimmage and make tackles, and he can cover. Rolle JPP Brown and prince are the ONLY three good players on our defence. Rolle is easily the most versatile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wideright91 View Post
    Can we stop writing the name CC Brown? Still makes me queasy.
    Where is CC Brown anyways? haha
    I remember he talked garbage about the Giants a season after we let him go...

    I think he is one of the worst players I have ever seen.

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    Blah blah blah we've heard this before from Rolle.

    Someone buy him a TomTom so he knows where he's supposed to be on a given play.

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    When you go out and make "Sexy" Free Agent acquisitions, you overpay. I think JR learned his lesson from it. He's been cap-strapped for years because of Canty, Rolle, and Boley. Of the three, at least Rolle was playing hard last year, (though not necessarily always well.) The other two simply cashed in last year. Furthermore, Rolle is as close to a leader on the defense as we have.
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    Rolle is a much different player in NY than he was in AZ. He returned multiple picks for TDs. He was a bigplay guy. Now, he's an in the box type guy and may be the most physical player on our defense.

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    Rolle needs to get back to form. He has declined over the past 2 seasons as a natural playmaker and I know people will say it's because he's playing out of position but a true footbal player would never use that as an excuse.

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    What makes him such a good leader?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    What makes him such a good leader?
    hasnt missed a game and is on the field for most of the plays during a game.
    speaks honestly to the media and IMO hasnt ever said anything "bad"...
    also he is a very good player for the Gmen.
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