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    I took "core" strength to mean natural strength in general not the strength of the abdomen/back section or "core" of the body. If that is what they mean then to some degree bench press is a test of core strength but not a great measure of it.

    What I see in Pugh at the NFL level is a finesse tackle that plays with great technique but is not overpowering. I think he will do real good with edge rushers. He's not a Lincoln Kennedy, Larry Brown type of tackle. I don't see him generating a lot of push in the running game.

    This is what my gut tells me from watching the tape.
    I agree with what you saying there in every way.

    I was perhaps being a lil nitpicky but still had to ask why people were questioning his core strength specifically. It isn't a concern I see on tape.

    For example I see a guy like Brewer who, from what limited time we have seen him play, has bad balance and lean I would question his core strength. That may not be the problem, it could just be a coordination issue, or coaching, or any number of other issues. But having technique like Pugh's demands a strong core.

    I think the distinction you make there is a very fair 1 to make. His "natural strength" needs work. The term "core strength" is becoming a popular catch phrase for strength in general, but that is why I responded because they really are not the same thing at all.
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