Excerpt: "With Jason Pierre-Paul on the shelf recovering from back surgery, Tracy, the third-year player out of William & Mary has a golden opportunity to move up the depth chart as the third defensive end behind Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka. He spoke to us during the OTAs.

Q: You’ve had an opportunity to get some reps with the first team this spring. How did that go for you and were you asked to do things you haven’t been asked to do before?
A: No, same defense, higher competition I guess if it is ones vs. ones. But other than that, the last few years I have been going up against them when I have been playing scout team so it is nothing new.

Q. With Osi Umenyiora gone, there’s a chance for someone to step up and grab the fourth defensive end spot. Has the reality of that set in?
A: It is big not only for me but for everybody. Somebody of that stature leaves for whatever reason, an opportunity always opens. Whoever seizes it will step in that place and hopefully that is me this year.

Q: You’ve shown flashes in both games and in practices this spring. Head coach Tom Coughlin has also praised you. How much do you think that with increased reps, more consistent reps, you will finally be able to show what you bring to the table?
A: I am very confident in my skills and my abilities and I think the coaches recognize my versatility and what I can bring to the table. But like last year, there are various other people that were better than what I was doing at that position so hopefully with this opportunity that I have I continue to take advantage of it." Read more...