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    Chargers to Win Super Bowl in 2014 if trend holds

    According to this article, the last 4 super bowl winners have been the visiting team in the Eagles' home opener. This year, the schedule makers picked the Chargers to get this lucky slot.

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    You mean the 2013 Super Bowl that occurs in February of 2014, right?

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    Yep, the Super Bowl in 2014.

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    The streak will end..

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    The difference is that the Gmen, Packers, Saints, and Ravens all fielded good teams...

    Now, on the other hand, if Rivers starts saying "I'm actually a top-tier QB", THEN you need to look out...

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    We need a tight end,
    repeat, again and again
    ToadofSteel's mantra.

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    Never say never.

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    Rivers won't win a SB ever, book it.

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