Excerpt: "Denver Broncos executive Matt Russell's breath-alcohol level was three times over the threshold for a DUI violation when he crashed at an estimated 40 mph into the back of a Breckenridge patrol car parked on the roadside, according to new court records reported by Alan Gathright of ABC 7 in Denver.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, Russell was arrested on Saturday night after he hit two cars in Summit County -- one of them the Breckenridge police car.

Russell, whose 40th birthday was Friday, was driving a black Toyota Tundra pickup in Frisco when he collided with the first car, said State Patrol Trooper Nate Reid. Russell stopped and exchanged information with the other driver.

Later, Reid said, someone called the Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately tipline and reported a suspected drunken driver in a Toyota pickup heading south on Highway 9 from Interstate 70 toward Breckenridge.

A Breckenridge patrol officer had pulled over onto the shoulder of Highway 9, waiting for the Tundra to pass so he could make a traffic stop, when the pickup slammed into the back of the patrol car at about 40 mph, according to an arrest affidavit for Russell.

The officer was transported to a hospital with neck and back pain and a cut on his arm, the affidavit said. He was treated and released." Read more...