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    NFC East Training Camp Preview: Four Big Questions


    Excerpt: "Around The League continues our training camp preview with a look at the NFC East. (To hear our latest division previews in podcast form, just click into the sound file below or go right here.)

    New York Giants: Will Jason Pierre-Paul be ready?

    Pierre-Paul is on the short list of defensive players who mean the most to their respective teams. Coming off back surgery, it's unclear if Pierre-Paul will be ready for the start of the season.

    With Osi Umenyiora gone and Justin Tuck showing signs of regression in recent years, the Giants' defensive line -- typically known as a strength -- might end up being a weakness. It all goes back to JPP." Read more...
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    Too simplistic and IMO misses the point. Why does a former dancing bear of at DE get a mention but not one mention of our DTs?
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    didn't read the title of the article before clicking on it. I thought it was going to be 4 questions about the Giants, not one for each team in the NFC East.

    Meh, they didn't really have anything solid to say about the Giants. I'm sure he won't play until he's ready, which might mean he misses a game or a few games. But, I don't think that JPP's back is going to matter in the long run. In the meanwhile, the other guys playing DE have to step up, not just Tuck and Kiwi, but the youngsters too. Personally, I'm more concerned with the Oline being able to play well.
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