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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    This came up a few weeks ago and Jacobs said he'd never play fullback
    Too bad. If it were his only chance to get back into the NFL, and with his home team, why would he not want to? I hope that he rethinks his position on that. I'd like to see the Giants bring him back as their # 3 RB/FB. I don't trust the other guys currently on the roster behind Wilson and Brown anyway.

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    jacobs as a fullback would be ridiculous.

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    There are a lot good points made to both sides of this issue. I still say bring him back at veteran minimum and see what he has left. Worse case he makes the team as the third back. That move has more pluses because he would be a great locker room presence and help usher these young RB's ahead of him forward. He just might be one of the intangibles we need for another run to the top. No question he wants back in.
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    I think we should bring Tiki Barber back as FB. He want's to play, he is a good blocker, and he could adapt to our system quickley.

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    Can anyone point to a player that switched positions nine years into their professional career and had success? Heck, can anyone name a player that switched positions nine years into their career period?
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