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    will they have camp in august? if thats a dumb question, sorry lol.

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    Public access to Giants training camp concludes on 8/21.

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    No one - I really like my anonymity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    Not surprising. Ro was the first one here to put me in my place! lol
    OUCH! I hope not
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    to best of my knowledge I do not know anyone ....although ...I have been to training camp in Albany every year its been held there since 96...I always look at the crowd and wonder if anyone is a poster
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    well im going to training camp on sunday if anyone is going would love to say whats up to them


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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    oh, cool. i dont have any issue with the thread or anything. wasnt lookin for an explanation. just thought u may have been going to camp.

    im thinkin about going, i wouldnt mind meeting up with some posters from here if they were goin and wanted to.
    I think my title on this thread was misleading. By referencing training camp I was just trying to say that we've still got some time to waste before things get going so here's a throwaway thread on a topic that has run through my head a couple of times.

    Based on the responses thus far it seems like very few of us know one another personally outside the site.
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    nope, nada, zilch, zero.

    So the answer is no. I live in NE PA but grew up in Ridgewood Queens. I know a few fans up here, but doubt they post.

    Actually, there is this guy who works for the local garbage collection agency and he always wears a Giants shirt. I started talking to him one day, and he told me he has this huge collection of tapes. He bought a VCR when they first came out and has taped every Giants game since then. Haven't seen him for awhile now, so he might have moved. But I never thought about if I knew someone here. Really, really good question Jomo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    Just wondering how many of you know other posters personally or have met them?

    I don't think I personally know anyone else on here lol. That would be wierd if my wife turned out to be Harooni!
    The only one I've met from here was Zimonami before a game last year. Really cool guy and just what I expected.

    But to my point, how many of you out there know each other?
    Harooni isn't your wife ... I am.

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    I don't know anybody personally. Doubt I do. I live in California. Never been to a Giants game. . But I'll see them in San Diego.
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