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    Break out player of the year for the Giants

    Tight End Brandon Myers. After this year I feel people are gonna really know who Brandon Myers is, you see How Eli made Kevin Boss look, look at what we Dos to Ballard, And look how Bennett turned out. He's definitely better then Boss And Ballard, lets see if he is better then Bennett, in my opinion I feel he will be and I loved the Bennett pick up.. I feel that with Pope coaching him And Eli throwing to him he is going to have a great Year And new a big factor on this offense make a big impact on this team And make a name for him self. Great pick up. What do you guys think?? If you don't agree who do you think will break out this year?

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    I think he can have a huge year here. I think he had his breakout in Oakland last year though. The breakout is showing you are a top every game contributor. I'm looking for Wilson as our breakout player. We know he has the goods. Now we need to see if he can do it game in and game out. Seeing him excel in all aspects of the RB position would be the big breakout.

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    Jock Williams, and Jayron Hosley.
    Gronk is bae.

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    Prince Amukamara is going to break out on D and Ruben Randal on O.

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    I agree Big J , I also think that Brandon Myers will be our break out player of the year. If he has a good training camp then Eli will have the confidence to go to his new TE early in the first few games of the season .....and if he handles it well ...he could become a big part of our O this year. Pope is a great TE's coach and will have him ready IMO. regards UK
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    I doubt he'll finish with as many yards as he did last season.
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    Wilson and Randle on offense, Kuhn (if/when he gets back off PUP) and Williams on defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    I doubt he'll finish with as many yards as he did last season.
    if he finishes with 79 receptions for 806 yards I will be delighted !
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    Quote Originally Posted by UK-Giantsfan View Post
    if he finishes with 79 receptions for 806 yards I will be delighted !
    With Nicks, Cruz and Randle to feed first, I just can't see it. He could top his four touchdowns, though.

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    Wilson, Randle, Prince and Jayron.. I would've said Will HIll as well, but I don't know whats going on with him anymore. Keep an eye on rivers...

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