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    I go to all the away games at Foxboro, now ( live in Rhode island). The '11 game was super. Ballards catch in the last minute had my patriot buds, crazy nuts. Years back to philthy, jets , yale bowl (that was home against the pats). Among those an Orange Bowl game in the 70's. Go giants!

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    I've saw us when we played the NO, I think Eli's rookie year and got smoked. We had a blast. You part before the game and party harder after the game, no matter who wins. A lot of good places to eat too around the stadium.

    Skins stadium is okay. Santana Moss went off the day I went. I love talking trash and having fun going back and forth with opposing fans, so I like road games. You have to know how to do it though, unless you want to end up on the 6:00 news.
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    green bay championship game in the freezing cold and superbowl 42 only great games no bad ones.

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    That's all I get to see being a giants fan on the left coast. I have seen the giants play den on thanksgiving 4 yrs ago, sea, 9ers a few times, sd I have been to but not to watch the giants until this year, oak (never again). I must admit I love living out west but do miss living back east and having easy access to the giant games.

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