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No. It's what he said.

"I do think we've been undervalued; I think it definitely signifies a change in the game," Cruz said. " … I think the numbers are the numbers and they have to be scaled according to the tops in the league no matter where you line up on the field."
Is there a different translation for English that I don't know about. If you say a player said he was underpaid. Then I aught to see, "I was underpaid." in quotes. Otherwise he didn't say it and you are inferring it.

So, because he works in an industry with a much higher pay scale then most professions he has to be happy with whatever bone the owners / management throw him. That's crazy. I'll never sign a million dollar contract. I've bust my *** to get in a position to make an average salary for an average American, yet I have no problem with a millionaire being unhappy with his/her pay.

If you're making $1 billion dollars and there are people that do exactly what you do, but have inferior performance and are making $2 Billion dollars then you are going to feel like complaining. Its the way humans are. More than anything we want fairness.

I want Cruz to get on the mic and complain everyday. Its his prerogative. Seriously, it doesn't bother me in the least bit. Knowing how much owners rake in off of my efforts, I would never leave one red cent on the table to play for any team- home team or not.