Excerpt: "It has been well over two weeks since independent investigator Ted Wells released his 243-page Deflategate report and in that time, one Deflategate-related figure has remained noticeably silent: Bill Belichick.

In the 17 days since the report was released on May 6, Belichick hasn't said anything publicly to anyone about the matter.

The Patriots coach didn't even offer a reaction on May 11 when he found out that his star quarterback was going to be suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season.

Belichick could have said something like, "We can win with Jimmy Garoppolo" and that would have been that. Instead, Belichick hasn't said anything, which leads to one question: Why has he been so quiet?

According to Ron Borges of the Boston Herald, Belichick has stayed silent because Belichick never believed Tom Brady's Deflategate story, meaning it would be almost impossible for the Patriots coach to defend his star quarterback.

"Belichick never believed [Brady's] story, from what I was told," Borges said during an interview this week on CSN New England's Sports Tonight. "Because they all know." Read more...