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    JPP and a 3rd for Kam Chancellor

    I would take that trade in a "NEW YORK MINUTE".
    I personally don't care if JPP plays another down in a "GIANT"uniform

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldsmobile View Post
    I would take that trade in a "NEW YORK MINUTE".
    I personally don't care if JPP plays another down in a "GIANT"uniform
    You should, he's our best defensive player by far
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    Seattle wants like a 1st and 3rd for him , i personally would do a 2nd and 5th

    thead being moved any sec with the other 1,000 Kam threads

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    Not moving JPP unless we absolutely need to

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    Can we even trade JPP if we wanted to? Like can you trade somebody on a Franchise Tag or are their rules against it?

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    Don't know how much value a guy with 9 fingers that hasn't reported to the facilities since the incident happened has.

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    Agree on both counts.
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    tricky to trade a player that isn't on your team.

    JPP hasn't signed the tag, he's not available to the giants to trade.

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    Do they have the cap space for that trade?

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    How many countless threads for at least 3 years were there here whining and *****ing about Osi for complaining about his contract his last 3 years here? And now we want to make an imaginary trade of a star player PLUS a 3rd round pick for a player that's holding out (something Osi never did, btw) after 2 years of his 5 year contract?

    If it is uncertain that JPP will even be able to return before mid season, if at all, this year, why would Seattle want to make that trade? Are we to believe Seattle's FO are ignorant or morons?

    But even if Seattle's FO knows something no one else knows--that JPP will return as a force to be reckoned with this year-- how would trading our best DE away in order to boost our back end improve the team? The expression "pay Peter to pay Paul" comes to mind.

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