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    For Giants' QB Eli Manning, Helping Ryan Nassib An Easy Call


    Excerpt: "For the past two seasons, the Giants quarterback room has been more of an advanced placement session. With the same two quarterbacks, Eli Manning and David Carr, learning from the same coordinator, Kevin Gilbride, information can fly at a higher speed.

    Manning and Carr are former No. 1 overall picks known for their cerebral play. In some ways, it is more laboratory than classroom.

    'Thatís why it was so difficult for Carr to pick out something that heís actually taught Manning during their time together. Carr has two more years of experience in the NFL and, presumably, has seen something Manning hasnít.

    "Maybe how to diet, how to eat correctly?" Carr said, laughing. "Heís always been bad. But heís getting better. But hopefully, thereís other things weíve taught each other."

    Despite the absence of hard evidence, though, both were excited about the opportunity to pass some knowledge down to a younger prospect. A chance that came via the NFL Draft this year, when the Giants took Ryan Nassib in the fourth round.

    For the first time in Manningís tenure, the Giants have a quarterback with high upside and an intent to develop. Outside of the short-lived Rhett Bomar experiment, Manning has never really had an opportunity to become both a teacher and position group leader.

    Entering his 10th season in the league, Manning can now begin passing down some of his institutional memory and trade secrets to Nassib, a quarterback some thought would be a top-10 pick but slipped on draft weekend.

    "Whether itís a young guy or a new guy, you want them to learn," Manning told The Star-Ledger last week before practice. "Whether itís the second team or third team, youíre proud of that unit and you want those quarterbacks to go in and have success, so I try and help him out."

    The first thing Nassib and Manning talked about was the willingness to ask questions in team meetings.
    During Manningís rookie year, the circumstances were different. Even though Pro Bowler Kurt Warner was in the room, they were both learning a new system together. Raising a hand during meetings was almost mandatory.
    Nassib walked straight into a meeting room with the two veterans and a coordinator, Kevin Gilbride, that helped steer the team to two Super Bowl victories.

    "He always tells me, ĎIf youíre ever in doubt, just ask,í " Nassib said. "He always tells me that everybody has gone through this and that heís here to help. So far itís been good, Iím really grateful." Read more...
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    Perfect for Eli....has zero worry about and competition at camp. All three QBs know their place. Actually a perfect setup for Nassib.
    Good luck to him.
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