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Thread: This is just sad...

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    This is just sad...

    Ahmad Bradshaw isn't practicing with the Colts because of...


    He hopes to return in a few weeks. I love this guy's heart and I'm pulling for him (especially since he's in the AFC), but this guy's feet have cost him millions of dollars.

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    Time to think about life after football for Ahmad. Giant for life!
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    One of my favorite players. Heart of a Lion...
    But unfortunately he has feet that should be showcased in a Museum.

    Giants fan since the early 80s

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    on the contrary....his feet have made him millions of dollars.......
    the guys has heart and will play until he cant play no more...
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    No one remembers who came in second.

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    only one person could work on his feet and help them... sadly it's Rex Ryan

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    Hopefully its nothing serious. He has a lot of heart when he was on this team no matter how bad his feet/ankles were if he could play he did. He is one of my favorite Giants for his passion and toughness. ONCE A GIANT ALWAYS A GIANT.

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    In the pre-season you can come off the PUP at any time. The colts are not going to rush him back.

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    Business as usual for Bradshaw.

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    A big reason why I never understood why many on here advocated bringing him back here. You had to know he would still be having those same problems. Wish him luck though. Tough way to end a career. (Sooner than later it would seem)

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