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    Crabtree out, Harvin now out. NFC is laid out for us to get a 1st round bye.

    I think the Falcons and Giants will be the Top 2 seeds in the NFC.

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    Percy Harvin tweeted Tuesday evening that his hip injury will require surgery.
    He'll go under the knife Thursday. Harvin hinted the operation will be season-ending, but NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports he could return in 3-4 months. PFT reports he'll be back "late in the season." At the very least, Harvin is staring at a six-game stay on the PUP list. An official timeline should emerge in short order. It's obviously a devastating blow for the Seahawks, who were counting on Harvin to add a new dimension to their well-oiled read option attack. As it is, Golden Tate will revert to being Seattle's primary playmaker at receiver, while the onus will be on Sidney Rice (knee) to stay healthy. Between his signing bonus and salary, Harvin is bringing home $14.5 million this season after the Seahawks surrendered three draft picks including their 2013 first-rounder for his services. Where Harvin's "injury prone" label was once unwarranted, that is no longer the case.

    Source: Percy Harvin on Twitter Jul 30 - 7:59 PM

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    Crabtree's been sidelined since June. Harvin elected today to have surgery, which he'll probably have sometime in the next week or so. The Seahawks are expecting him to be back by the end of the year, though.

    And OP, if you think that just because that Crabtree and Harvin are out that those teams are not ones to contend with, then you are sorely mistaken. Hell, Harvin wasn't even on Seattle last year and they were a playoff team.

    Mike Garafolo@MikeGarafolo1h
    ----> RT @Percy_Harvin: sorry to half to report that my injury will require surgery...

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    Mike Garafolo@MikeGarafolo47m
    Source on when Harvin is expected to return? "Thanksgiving or early December."


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    thanks. wasnt trying to claim the OP was lying, i just wanted more info. thanks guys

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    whats the deal with crabtree? hasnt he too been hurt now the last few years? even in college h had that foot issue that was an issue his rookie year as well...

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    Well, last year Crabtree looked like he was finally starting to turn the corner, but that was derailed when he tore his Achilles during OTA/min-camp.

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    The niners signed boldin though. I still think Kapernick is going to come back down to earth.

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    Woah, pump the brakes. Lets get through training camp and preseason 1st. **** lets win some games 1st.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundown View Post
    Woah, pump the brakes. Lets get through training camp and preseason 1st. **** lets win some games 1st.

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