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    Giants Internships??

    I'm a freshman in college actively looking for work this summer. The Giants are my favorite team, and it would be an absolute dream to work for them.

    Does anyone know of opportunities to work as an intern for the Giants this summer? Media assistant, writer, heck I'd wash toilets to work for the Giants!!

    If anyone has any information, please let me know. Thank you so much and I hope we get the W Sunday!

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    Re: Giants Internships??

    dude ive wondered the same thing. ill even collect jock straps if i have to

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    Re: Giants Internships??

    I have talked to colleges about Sport Management (My planned course in the college of Saint Rose) and most of them have talked about internships. I recently talked to the college of New Haven Connecticut has internship opportunities available for the major New York Teams including the Giants. I would go and try getting numbers to try calling the Giants facility to talk to someone about interning for the giants. Your college might be able to help.

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