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Thread: michael vick

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    Re: michael vick

    I wouldn't doubt that one of those PETA freaks will bejumping out of a vanand spraying Vick in the facewith an Uzi somewhere in the near future......and I think I'd be fine with that. Sorry.......or at least they can electrocute him and remove his teeth.</P>

    This is definitely in response to so many posts with people saying how "'s horrible, but they're dogs, not humans........." Did you guys see the photos of these poor animals? </P>

    I consider myself a compassionate person, and I'm sure most of you do as well, but I'm pretty appalled with some of these generalcomments. I'm no fruitcake vegetarian hypocrite hippie or whatever either, but there is absolutely no justification for the atrocities that Vick and his pals were responsible for. </P>

    Indeed, everybody deserves a second chance, but I'll be steadfastly rooting against this Michael Vick from here on out.</P>

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    Re: michael vick

    This thread turned very political and the images are way too graphic for ANYBODY. Do NOT try to attempt this again.

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