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    I don't expect this Thread to last long but wow!!!

    time for major changes...

    we need AB Discipline and if I was Cash, who I hope gets replaced, I would start building up a strong Rotation and Pen.

    I also have a gut feeling that the Captain might ride off in the sunset with Mo at Season's end as well.

    I don't remember the details of the 80s, just that the Mets were amazing. For some reason I stayed with the Pinstripes during that time and as many of you remember the 90s were like a gift to us.

    But this generation of the Yankees, except for the Title in 2009, is just sub-standard and pathetic. The BS red Sox manage to stay relevant, fake *** Rays stay relevant and the O's are scrappy but us? Pathetic.

    RISP is crap as "usual," At-Bat discipline is ragged and Nunez sucks and Wells shouldn't be put anywhere in the Outfield...

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