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Thread: Geno Smith Fails To Impress Before Limping Off Field

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    Geno Smith Fails To Impress Before Limping Off Field

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    When you're so bad that you can't beat out sanchez... yeah.

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    ooooh....the rookie didnt impress with a handful of plays....

    big deal........
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    He didn't look bad. The play calls they gave him were pretty vanilla and he did complete 6 of 7. I thought his arm strength looked great compared to Sanchez. If his ankle isn't too serious I think he'll be the day one starter.
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    I don't think he looked that bad. I liked his mechanics, he was decisive, and he didn't look flustered when the pocket was collapsing.
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    He honestly did not look that good at all... I feel bad that he got injured. Hopefully he can step and beat out that other horrible QB.

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