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BParcells is entertaining and adds a different style for the forum, love it.

MattMeyerbuddy - this guy was an awesome mod back in the day, and he was the best mod to reach out to. Also a great guy.

Rudy - she's fun to talk to, in and out of the message board. Also, she's a chick on a giants forum, that's awesome.

ProfessorCrue - because every message board needs someone to abuse, and he hits the spot. His delusions are insane, his lovefest for an awful team is insane. Sometimes I wonder how he became a Professor though.
Oh how could I forget my precious Mokey.

I need to actually make a list. You're just an awesome troll haha, but you give good insight. You're just a funny dude who doesn't panic or freakout at the littlest things.