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Thread: Week 1: rodgers vs 49ers our eli vs cowboys?

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    Week 1: rodgers vs 49ers our eli vs cowboys?

    Obviously in a vaccuum you take rodgers over eli in fantasy any day. But the 49ers have had rodgers' number as of late... should I keep him in anyway?

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    Unless you have Brees as your #2, you take the risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    Unless you have Brees as your #2, you take the risk.
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    I would keep Rodgers lol.

    I like Eli but his numbers in fantasy aren't spectacular.

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    Eli will rip apart that Cowboy's defense.

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    Right I was most likely going to keep Rodgers, it's just that I always look at my bench if someone is facing a tough defense. I rarely actually do bench someone for a week, but I always take a look at the very least. Everyone laughed last year when I benched Ray Rice for Andre Brown. It was week 3. You do the math...
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    You don't draft a guy like Rodgers if you don't intend on starting him every week. Having a guy like him go off on your bench is one of the biggest "crimes" you can commit in fantasy.

    Sure, Eli could outscore him, but he could also lay a complete egg and give you 2 whole points. That's Eli's floor. Rodgers' is a lot higher. It's just not really the sort of risk you want to take in week 1.
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