The league I am in is set up with one keeper from last year and is with a bunch of buddies Im in college with at the moment. I had no RB that I felt was worth using my keeper on so I kept Megatron

The starting lineups that are required are a little different. Idk why they created that this format but its whatever( QB, RB, 3 WR, W/R, TE, K, DEF)

QB- Kaepernick, Eli
RB- Spiller, Forte, McFadden
WR- Megatron, Bowe, Antonio Brown, Stevie Johnson, Vincent Brown, Andre Roberts
TE- Gates
K- Josh Brown
DEF- Arizona

I got autopicked two people in the draft because I got disconnected randomly during the draft twice... those picks were Eli and Roberts.
I think my starters should be pretty solid although I do not really like McFadden but his talent I thought was too much to pass up when I picked him. If Vincent Brown does anything close to what some people are saying then I should be fine at WR during bye weeks. Eli and Kaepernick have the same bye week which is stupid why the computer gave me a QB with the same bye but Eli could put up some nice numbers.