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Cameron went undrafted in my league. Our commish expanded the bench by six slots, so I took a flier on him. I initially drafted Brandon Myers, but I cut him for...someone, I don't even know. I'm not encouraged by what I saw from him this preseason.

But yeah, Gates might be good with McCoy as the HC now. Plus, their entire WR corps is banged up. I'm really pleased with my team overall, though. My RBs are the strongest unit in the league, my QB situation is incredibly solid, and Dez Bryant is part of my WR corps.

Btw, I looked at whatever that sleeper thing is in your sig. Sudfeld and Murray both major dark-horses in FF this year, so good call.
Thanks I was bored leading up to the draft so I put together a sleeper list and I was excited to see that the Giants grabbed Taylor off of my list too. I didnt even realize that some of the players I listed could have a solid impact in the league week 1 haha