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Didn't know where else to put this put Sportzfan we were talking about college players for next year. One guy who won't be eligible for the draft but is going to be a stud is Laquon Treadwell WR from Ole Miss. He always made some really nice plays when I would watch Donte Moncrief. I have heard announcers compare him to Michael Irvin. The kid is the real deal. He was a true freshman this year and was the #1 WR recruit in the nation. He is a straight up beast

A few other players I like for next year that WILL be eligible is Denzel Perryman LB Miami, Ameer Abdullah RB Nebraska, Ty Montgomery WR Stanford, and my #1 guy I am going to watch next year coming out is Randy Gregory DE Nebraska. He was a monster last year. J.C transfer and he was really Nebraska's only DL who could get to the passer. I think he will be a stud in the NFL.

Who do you like for next year? You watch a lot of college football it seems so you might know a few more players than I do lol
I will look into the WR from Ole Miss. Haven't watched a ton of Moncrief so thats probably why I overlooked em.. You got a good group of guys to look forward to next yr... I'll add a few guys myself..

Sean Mannion QB Oregon St.- Mannion is interesting prospect with the desired size scouts like at the positon, standing 6ft 4inch, and weighing a solid 220lbs. He has good zip on his passes and can make all the throws. Very good awarness skills, and with the extra yr, gaining more strength, I expect his arm strength to grow even more, making him a deadly weapon. By no means a running QB, Mannion can step around the pocket better then your usual statue esque QB's ala Eli and Bledsoe can.

Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin- This kids unreal. I think hes the best back going into 2015, even better then Todd Gurley who I like quite a bit. Gordon has the desired size and strength of a RB, to go with both a power and finesse game, and is stout in the pass game. This kids got franchise RB written all over him...

AJ Johnson ILB Tennessee- Made smart move going back to school, the hard hitting MLB from UT has a ton of upside, but must become more of a impact player, and if he can, will almost surely be a 1st/2nd rd pick..