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I disagree my friend. U know there will be teams vying for Tahj Boyd and possibly Johnny Manziel, and maybe Brett Hundley as well.. Mad teams will take those guys early.. I could see the Cards trading up with us for one of them, i could see the browns giving up one of there 1st rders for Boyd or Manziel..etc

I think it'll be extremely easy to trade down, as teams always reach for QB's.. I just don't do that in my mocks, because its impossible to perdict trades.
I am not saying there aren't guys worth trading up for in the draft past those guys. I am just running on the assumption that we will continue to stink and be drafting in the range we currently are(5ish.) I do not think any of the guys you mentioned are worth anything anywhere near where we are currently picking. I could be wrong and if a guy like Watkins lights up the combine, which is absolutely possible, then someone may fall in love with him too.