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    Most underrated giant

    In all honesty I believe this has to go Mathias Kiwanuka, has anyone noticed how atleast 2-3 times a game he blows up some rb in the backfield?! He has taken the linebacker position and played it much better than I believe anyone expected along with filling in as a sub end and rusher.

    This guy was a HUGE resigning and truly has played his heart out every game, always loved kiwi and this guy is a true giant.

    Side note on another topic in Mario Manningham, I could careless if he is brought back or let go, however at the beginning of the season I saw him leaving for a lot of money however after a poor poor season I honestly could see him resigning a 1 year contract to try to build up his rep again and try to make it big after next season.

    On that note...honestly im leaning more towards him just going and us not offering anything. We need intelligent recievers to make this offense work...he is not that and apart every game he plays he makes a mistake...I say get rid of him and go into FA for a smart, slot reciever who will be big on 3rd downs

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    Re: Most underrated giant

    Chris Canty, man makes plays
    They said Brady and the Patriots couldn't be beat, Eli did it twice, how's that for Elite?

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    Re: Most underrated giant

    kiwi has been very underrated. healthy all year, moved back to LB again. He is very stout against the run.
    also gets good pressure when he lines up as DE.

    We're one solid MLB away from having a very good lb core.

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    Re: Most underrated giant

    [quote user="NYGFaninILL"]Chris Canty, man makes plays[/quote]

    He really is having a strong year. It's a shame Marvin Austin isn't around to learn from him.

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    Re: Most underrated giant

    [quote user="NYGFaninILL"]Chris Canty, man makes plays[/quote]

    yeah hes another one. plus a solid locker room guy. does his job and does it as well as he can.

    another player, JWill. Had a sack today, the past two weeks he's played very well and has had games thru the year of showing the amazing promise he has.

    he'll be this years JPP next year.

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    Re: Most underrated giant

    Boothe by miles.

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    Re: Most underrated giant

    The past week I've been posting that it was time to move Kiwi back to DE. Nothing against him at LB, but I just never really noticed him when at LB.

    Well, if he can continue to play like tonight (and if Fewell can utilizing him correctly), then please stay at LB, Kiwi. Great game, man. Great game.

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