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    I was able to pick him up and hes already paid dividends for me

    also, its guys like that, that will win you championships. It happens every year, one or two guys blow up due to finally getting an opportunity and they shine the rest of the regular season (and I always get to pick them up because I dont use my waiver pick at all until I find that diamond in the rough. Its served me well for several years)

    Who did u trade james for, if you dont mind me asking
    I said it in the trade, Dobson and Hartline. Yes it looks terrible on the stat sheet right now, but it's basically a gamble i'm taking, since I think that Dobson has more upside than James going forward...

    My whole philosophy is that I have to keep trading, picking up FAs, things like that. If i'm not moving, i'm sinking. Also, there' is no such thing as a "definite starter" on my team. I'm ALWAYS looking at matchups, as I believe those impact fantasy score more than just straight up talent. I'll bench Calvin Johnson if he's up against a strong secondary and I have someone like Pierre Garcon on my bench. If I have a #2 receiver on a particular team going up against a team that likes to super lock down the #1 option, I'll start that #2 because he's going to get looks. I was actually going to bench Mike James since he was playing Seattle, but I didn't have a RB to start in his place.

    This constant evolution and playing the matchup also makes me resilient in the face of injury. I've lost pretty much my entire roster due to injury this season (4 guys in week 7 alone), yet still pulled off an upset on a guy that had started Jason Campbell (20 something points), AJ Green (about 12), and AP (another 20). Last year, I missed my draft and ended up with an autodraft team, and still took that team to the finals and only lost that match by about 4 points.

    Meanwhile, the guy I traded Aaron Rodgers to back in week 4 is wondering how the hell he's going to win it all. He's picked up Eli Manning, who while I support as a Giant, is terrible as a fantasy matchup. On the other hand, the guy I faced last week dropped Campbell (his actual starter is Peyton), so I got Campbell for free...
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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