I dont like either of them (for different reasons)

Spiller has had a lot of success vs Jets but I wouldnt trust Doug Marrone if he......well I just dont trust the guy. Is spiller going to get 10 snaps, 20, 25? The good news is the "flow of the game" will allow them to use the RB a lot, even in passing downs so Spiller might be a sneaky play, even against this stout D. It just a matter of "what the heck will doug marrone do this week with spiller"

I like Rainey more than Leonard but could see the latter getting tons of receptions, even with the news that Jackson will be targeted big time in this game

Nicks, I find it difficult to trust him or ELI these days. Hes due for a decent game (probably 12 pts) but hes been DUE for a while now so its hard to play him. Although, it looks as if the Giants will be focused on getting him and cruz plenty (and I mean plenty) of targets so he might actually come through, finally! Also, it wouldnt surprise me if he starts the game with like 6 targets in the first 10 minutes, catches 4 balls and then leaves with an injury; giving fans that "hes finally showing signs of producing and then he gets hurt" moment

its honestly a coin toss up here but

Id go with Spiller. Even when hes been limited and hurt, hes shown serious explosiveness, again, even when hes hobbling Plus, Doug said he doesnt fancy Spiller getting much use this week, even with all the injuries at WO..........so that means


Doug Marrone, the new Mike Shanahan