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Is non-PPR league. Otherwise he'd be a clear starter.

Regarding Wilson, I'm staying away from him because of his rather lackluster point total the last time he played SF in week 2, along with the fact that he's away this week. Also, McCown has been doing great as of late, most definitely going to see some trade offers IRL for what he's done in chicago. He posted 22 points last week. Yes Wilson scored more, but that was at home.

Floyd is playing St Louis. That one is really a toss-up between him and Randle, but Floyd has been on a massive hot streak as of late... 25 vs JAX, 10 vs IND, 15 vs PHI... On the other hand, Randle is first in line to start if Wright is inactive vs Denver. I may end up benching Wright if the reports say he's not at 100%.

As for woodhead, I've already mentioned that it is not PPR, which dampens Woodhead's production a bit. We've been killing it in defending the screen/flat dumpoff defense as of late thanks to Beason, so I'm not so sure he would be able to get a lot of targets out of the backfield. If SD does one iota of game planning, they will be featuring Gates anyway...

The big thing i'm still conflicted on: Myers or Miller? Miller is the better TE right now, but Myers has been hot lately, and my opponent is starting Big Ben and Antonio Brown. They play miami, so starting Myers gives me all the right to want Miami to completely shut down PIT.
The TE situation is really tough I think because Miller is pretty solid but Myers has been on a roll lately. I would probably go with Myers and Floyd, sticking to the hot hand. I agree with the Wilson at home statement. I thought they were playing at home again... McCown is the safer play IMO especially since he has been playing really well and has a good matchup. I mean it is pretty dang nice getting to throw it to guys like Marshall, Alshon, Forte, and Bennett (mostly near the endzone).