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Thread: Terrell Thomas deserves some props (Defense related)

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    Terrell Thomas deserves some props (Defense related)

    He was thrown into the fire playing slot against Austin and I think he did alright for a guy coming back after 2 years. Gave up some first downs but nothing big and made sure tackles every chance he got. Rolle is another guy who played hard and made tackles in the open field.

    Defense is defintely coming around compared to last year. It will be a big test next week so the jury is still out in my opinion.

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    oh man...when he jumped that route..too bad those stone hands got it in the way of a pick six.

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    He played great. I was also impressed with Mundy...

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    Honestly, it was Hixon 2.0... you couldn't even tell he had multiple ACL tears the way he played. I would be perfectly fine with him as a CB2 across from Prince.

    Ross did pretty well for himself too... I cringed watching him go one-on-one with Dez, especially when he got that penalty (which in all honesty he did the right thing there, as it prevented Dez from taking it to the house), but he still did well in relief of Prince.

    And don't even get me started on mundy. He needs a multi-year deal just so he can be our Witten spy. Even playing deep cover 2 he still was able to stop witten on 3rd and short. Witten still caught the ball, but Mundy tackled him before he converted the 1st.

    Our entire secondary deserves some mad props. Handcuffed by players being out (stevie, prince, hill), 6 turnovers forcing our defense onto the field for much of the game, and PF's piss poor playcalling, the players on the secondary STILL bailed out the rest of the team.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    TT was in the mix a lot last night. he played well imo and will just get better with each game. i am happy hes finally playing.

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    good first game back for TT
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    All our guys on the secondary did a good job, even Webster not getting torched and Dez held to... 22 yards! That is big, I'll take it. The way our defense played last night we should have won.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ny06 View Post
    He played great. I was also impressed with Mundy...
    T2 and Mundy were the best linebackers on the field last night.
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    It was great to see T2 out there looking good. Very happy for the guy.

    I have to say that I was very happy with the defense last night. They looked really good. Hope Prince makes it back for next week.

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    It was great seeing my favorite Giant out there working hard. He deserves considering for the starting outside spot if his play continues to grow as the season progresses.

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