What is going on here? Does anyone want to take the division only to lose in the 1st rd? Luckily, it is up for grabs at this point because we all have our own problems. Looking like a three-dog race excluding RGKnee and his mates.

It pains me to say the Egals have the early edge but I don't expect that to last much longer. Vick's health and their D will catch up. So, it comes down to NY and Dallas. Past history leans yalls way in this one and I can't say I disagree.

We still have no offensive identity and need a whole new philosophy. What we(Dallas) are doing is not working and hasn't since Garrett got here.

But you say Eli is throwing up ducks and int's? Whats new? It takes him half a season to get in a rhythm and I expect it again. So, who wins this division by default?

Some potential good news we both face.....Garrett and Coughlin might finally be gone after this season.

Being partial to the city of New York(Mets fan and happen to love visiting), I hope one of our teams can take this division. My hatred for the Philthies(oops, Eagles) and Redskunks rose to the top years ago.

Lets set our differences aside for the time being and pray that those other teams falter, not sure I can take another Wash title, especially back-to-back!