[quote user="Ntegrase96"][quote user="jjj45"][quote user="Giantpasion"]Congrats Giants fans, the better and tougher team won. Good luck in the playoffs, however I'll be cheering for the dirty birds lol!
[/quote]Thanks bud,

Now who is better: Nicks or Dez?

I still love this debate. Nicks is better right now and may always be. Bryant's window is fading fast, but he seems to be getting on the right track (finally).

Nicks is good at beating double coverage and nice crisp routes, good body control. He's made some big catches in clutch sitations. He has great production and in the end that's all that really matters isn't it?

Criticism-- Drops.

Bryant is a phenomenal athlete. One of the best at tracking the ball in the in the air and getting it at its 'highest point' (never really liked that term), extremely good body control, hands like glue. Also has made big, clutch catches. (three 3rd and 10+ catches on game winning drives this season)

Criticism-- limited playbook due to laziness during the week.

[/quote]Good points there. Dez is more freakeishly athletic than Nicks, but like you said, he can be lazy. If he ever snaps out of it, this could be interesting.

Nicks as been flying under the radar this season, and still has fantastic numbers.

Other fans don't respect Nicks with the emergence of Cruz. But coaches do.

Why do they think Cruz is always open so much?

All the ATL fans are only worried about Cruz. I can't wait till Nicks burns em.