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    Quote Originally Posted by imstilripped View Post
    You're delusional, keep the faith brother!
    Fine, I'm delusional. You're a spineless frontrunner

    Now that we've got the namecalling out of the way, what is your solution to the offensive trouble?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brad View Post
    Normally I would agree, but what did you see in the first half that gives you any indication that this offense can get anything done?

    Watching the defense right now, and it looks like the day is only going to get worse... god I hate being this negative!
    I have seen little to get excited about in this game, but I have seen this offense come to life in the recent past. I know what they're capable of if they can get some motivation. The defense is obviously worn down now, so its all on the offense to move the chains and give them a rest.

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