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    Only 3 teams out of 115 that started 0-3 made the playoffs since 1990

    The 3 teams are: '92 San Diego Chargers (who were 0-4), the '95 Detroit Lions (back in Barry Sanders' heyday), and the '98 Buffalo Bills. So based on the statistics (3/115), the Giants have a 0.026% chance of making the playoffs. Looking from a mathematical logical reasoning point of view, looks like the season is just about done. But then again we have done it from 0-2, so maybe there is a small glimpse of hope in the future? Who know but as a Giants fan I certainly hope so.

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    Not with the flaws this team has.

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    Probably not. You know what's the hardest part to believe? The idea that the playoff contention is gone only 3 games into the season.

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    We can dream
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Screw the playoffs, I want my $200 back from DirecTV.

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