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    That's the spirit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YATittle1962 View Post
    one and done?

    you said the last two seasons

    two seasons ago this team won the Superbowl

    I understand your frustration ....I am frustrated as well and agree that changes need to be made.....but how could you forget that the Superbowl before last had the NY Giants hoisting the trophy ?
    Well, I'll give you that since my memory is bad anyway. The head coach is to blame. I watched TC after game presser and he is clueless. Tuck even said they have to figure out what is wrong before things get even worse. the coaching staff. So, if the players don't believe in the coaching staff. you get these kinds of games. I didn't consider how TC lost his brother on the other hand. But you'd think the team would be fired up to win one for coach to give him some sort of blessing at a minimum.

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    Remember the old "goodbye Allie" chants? Now "goodbye Gilbride".

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    But you have to admit, he's pretty tall for an OC.

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    Baltimore did it mid season and it didn't kill them right?

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    The worst part is that even if killdrive called for some of these pass rush defeating type plays,
    we would not be able to execute them. You can't drag these "new" plays out of nowhere
    and expect them to work. You have to pratice this type of play and there is no way KD
    has had them doing that.

    I'd be on board with bringing someone in that would use the rest of the season to get this
    offense up to speed on how to run a crappy O-line offense.

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    A public beheading might be best, but firing works too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FIFTY6G-MAN View Post
    The Walrus needs to go!!! TC needs to go, and PF needs to go. I can coach and will do it for free.
    The Walrus!!!

    Someone call PETA
    Buddy Ryan is punching out a Walrus on the sideline...


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