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    I'm in fire him

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    A lot of us have been saying this for a long time....
    I don't care what anyone says, KG F'n sucks....stop giving the guy credit, ELi & the D won those superbowls, not KG!!!

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    I'm waving the white flag on this one

    the lack of rush neutralizing adjustments is officially indefensible

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    People who thought gilbride had anything to do with our SB wins are clueless, if he was remotely good teams would want him as a head coach. So much for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYG4lifeNYK View Post
    O-line is beyond atrocious no kidding.... where are the Gilbride defenders now?

    What a clueless buffoon......... no slants, no shallow passes, no intermediate passes...... moron
    i cant defend him worst game Ive ever seen

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    You have my vote.
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    he has nicks, cruz, and randle and wilson...he has nicks, cruz, and randle and wilson...how is this possible? literally, u could pick someone out of the stands, have them play pin the tail on the donkey (put the playbook up on KG hes the donkey) and we have more output than this

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    he stll hasnt "figured out how carolina is schematically defending him" so of course we have these issues

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    mid season, how about mid game.
    Things overheard by opposing teams Qbs: " Hey guys if you can just contain ayers, they've got JPP in, Ive been meaning to watch the lord of the rings trilogy for a while looks like if we set a tv up back here ill have time"

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