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Thread: Favorite Broadcast?

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    Favorite Broadcast?

    Simply put, what is your favorite broadcast for NFL football and why? Since Madden and Summeral hung up the microphones there just hasn't been a clear cut superior broadcast-- they seemed to be the last great duo.

    I like NBC's "Sunday Night" broadcast. I think the talent is as good as its ever been for the NFL (Michaels play by play and Costas for halftime), and the graphics look great and stay out of the way. My only gripes are that lame NBC football theme and Collinsworth is only so-so.

    I feel like this is the obvious favorite pick, but what do you guys think? FOX? CBS? ESPN? NBC?

    Who ya got?

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    I like the OTT nature of NBC's presentation, I think it fits.

    FOX for best theme music.

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    Aikman and Buck. Collinsworth on SNF is solid, too.

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    From my favorite to my least favorite.

    Mood: WOOF!

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    i like thom brennaman and kenny albert

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.T.56 View Post
    i like thom brennaman and kenny albert
    Same here... I like the moosegoose combo myself, it seems like whenever they are commentating the Giants as of late they have a good game, especially Cruz. In 2011 they did the first eagles game and the Jets game, in 2012 they did the first skins game...

    Fox is my favorite (Even Buck finally seems to be taking a hint and at least attempting to ramp it up a little the past year or so). CBS is next, but only if Phil Simms is on. I'm kinda bleh about ESPN and NFLN (Gruden has good analysis but he's hard to listen to), and finally at the bottom is Colinsworthless...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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