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    I've been monitoring the Mock Drafts lately

    Well, I'm always scouring the various mock drafts to see what players i should be paying attention too in College. I rarely see the same person on multiple mock drafts outside of the top 3-4 pics.

    One name that appears for us frequently is Bradley Roby from Ohio State, who is a cornerback. The problem is, whatever the mock drafts say we will do, usually results in Jerry doing the complete opposite. We have drafted CB's in the first round, so it's still a good chance.

    I'd like our draft to go something like this:


    If the line wasn't so trash, i would expect all 7 rounds, going to the defense. Hopefully Eric Herman steps up as well next camp. I'd like to see some of those pancakes he was drafted for.

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    Mock drafts in September?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrin99 View Post
    Mock drafts in September?
    Some of us are very interested on personnel moves. I was probably a GM in a previous life as Free agency and offseason are my favorite times of the year. I enjoy speculating with friends who my guys will sign. doesn't matter if we are in last place or first place, i monitor the mock drafts


    have fun...I like the CBS sports mock and NFL.com probably has theirs up

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    Roby makes some sense considering that TT, Ross, and Webster aren't guaranteed to return to the team next year and when you combine that with our general injury woes in the secondary, another CB would help this defense out. The thought of having Prince and Roby on the opposing team's top two receivers is intriguing to say the least.

    Welcome to the team Flowers!

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    I hope we draft a CB in the first and the rest of the draft all LB/Offensive Line

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    People think we will take a safety in the 3rd. Retooling the DB's will probably save us a lot of cash once we terminate the low hanging fruit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geebanga718 View Post
    People think we will take a safety in the 3rd. Retooling the DB's will probably save us a lot of cash once we terminate the low hanging fruit
    The safety situation is another one that is hard to predict. It depends on how much they like from what Will Hill and Cooper Taylor show us by the end of the year and if they feel good about Stevie Brown after his injury and if they can get him for good value.

    Welcome to the team Flowers!

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    I agree, but we have no clue on Steve and won't know till mid training camp. at least he got injured early, which works to our favor. Stevie doesn't make a lot of money so hopefully we won't do a jake ballard and wave him. I bet the pats are just licking their chops

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    I hope we can lock up DRC, he would be an awesome compliment across from Prince. But other than him, the 2014 FA CB, LB class pretty damn weak

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    Nicks, Philips, JPP and Prince were all mocked to the Giants' picks in media mock drafts at some point. Mayock had Giants picking Pugh. Hardly Jerry doing opposite of what pundits have slotted to the Giants. If Giants get Roby, Mosley or Shazier like mocks have been giving them thus far, I'd be damn happy.

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