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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    r u guys serious?? lmfao if u cant see tht tht was a blatant miscommunication on the wr then i dunno wtf to tell u...on a 3rd and 19 no less....
    Speaking of Eli apologists...

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    not an expert at all, i don't know crap, but we need to convert 3rd downs,not playing well enough for the bomb!just sayin, just get the f-ing yard!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfanblue View Post
    Its what the announcers said....
    I was actually laughing at you defending Eli on that boneheaded throw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeatYale View Post
    I'm pretty sure the majority would prefer he doesn't take the risks. Holding the ball too long, chucking and praying etc. That's the stuff people typically have a problem with around here. There's been a lot more talk about wanting to see shorter passing plays and high % throws.
    What shocks me is that the majority of the board seems to have an issue with the risk taking but it is clearly not an issue for TC.
    As to the short passes, I keep calling for them, you keep calling for them, almost all God's children are calling for them and KG is not calling for them.
    Every single day I log onto this message board thinking i've seen it all, every single day I am wrong...NYGiants2120

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    ppl r just pointing out their ignorance.

    this is EXACTLY what madden, kosell, simms, anyone with an iq more than a q tip have been discussing...

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    and he does a salsa to rub it in ! **** him!!

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    It doesn't matter what it was. The special teams decided to join in on sucking on the big one. Game over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moke View Post
    I don't get why people keep defending the INTs
    Pretty much this.. I had to puke when Eli said in an interview every INT has a story like it's ok. Uh no how about not turning the ball over and making things hard on your defense.

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    They couldn't even get 1 yard and went 3 and out. Putride.

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    where is Jacobs?? isn't that why we signed him , again??!!

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