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Thread: Let's Blame That INT on the Phantom WR That Should've Been There

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    OP is a moron flat out. most blatant example of a wr not reading the d the same as eli...hilarious some people...on a 3rd and 19 too...
    I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not because Eli apologists truly believe this.

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    like the wr is underneath it as it soars over his head half way. and the tv broadcast literally showed eli with his wtf were u doin look...wow some people...and the fumble lmfao, yeah his fault pascoe completely whiffs on his block right...

    how bout the picture perfect passes that the wr drop or the holding negating big plays...

    if u still r singling eli out after all we've seen, u r the biggest moron possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMenNFCBeasts View Post
    LOL. Announcer just said what all Eli apologists said. Alot of Eli's NINE INTS are on someone else. I don't know which WR was supposed to be there, but it was someone else's fault other than Eli. LOL!!!
    Randle was supposed to be there. Or did you choose not to listen to that part of what the announcers said?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonSoul View Post
    Yes, smart move, take your frustrations out on other Giants fans... The realists know that some are on Eli and some are not on Eli. The so called realists seem to think everything is on Eli.

    The announcer said it right. If the wr ran the wrong route it is on the wr, because Eli was expecting him there. If the WR did run the right route then it was on Eli. Till we know the design of the route we have no clue, but either way it was an INT and not helpful no matter whose fault it was. I am more annoyed of the play calling.
    Even if there was a WR......it would have still been a hail mary into double coverage. Did u not see the safety and corners hanging out under the ball? U must have Eli's optician

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    Quote Originally Posted by YATittle1962 View Post
    there is no wrong route

    the QB and the WR read the safety differently

    Randle adjusted underneath and Eli read that he should break long

    Eli was under pressure so had to make a decision
    pls school some of these posters. its ridiculous. all the drops, allthe passes dropped into buckets on KG's patented go routes...the fumble they try to blame eli on lmfao

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    3rd and 10 how many times????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geebanga718 View Post
    Even if there was a WR......it would have still been a hail mary into double coverage. Did u not see the safety and corners hanging out under the ball? U must have Eli's optician
    Actually if you look at the play, where they said Eli was expecting him to be, he would have been wide open towards the sidelines seeing as the safety was to the inside and the corner was way under him. He had a nice square of space open for a good placed ball.

    If Eli was expecting him on the inside like the route the wr ran he also had an open spot seeing as the corner was on the outside and the safety over the top of him. So he had the body block on the safety and the inside over the corner. It was a miscommunication between the QB and WR.

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